Tracy Kerr
© 2012 Tracy Kerr

Serendipity brought me to the world of photography. The proverbial fork in the road came in the form of a question posed to me where I was applying for my first full-time job: “Which position interests you more, Pharmacy Assistant or Photo Lab Technician?”  In my ignorant youth I had little knowledge of either field and knew not how this innocent question would shape my life. The photo lab sounded vaguely more exciting, I would give it a try. I was nineteen then, stubborn, naive and full of ambition, I bought my first camera and vowed I would teach myself to be a photographer.

Fast forward to 2004, my well-worn Canon was finally retired and I switched to the digital version; I have never looked back. In 2012 I decided to begin showing my work to others and created this website with the assistance of a talented friend. It was also then that I shoved my delicate ego into my back pocket and started displaying my work in public with false bravado. It was exciting and terrifying. Next I signed up for some local art shows and markets, I cleverly disguised myself in a cloak of quiet confidence.

Veni. Vidi. Cepi. [I came. I saw. I captured.]

Elements Photography
© 2012 Kevin Kerr

Four years later and I’m still here and still creating! Eventually, I began to own my work more confidently. I enjoy what I do and what I see never ceases to thrill me. Now middle-aged, I’ve realigned my priorities to suit my goals and needs. Travel will be forever a part of me in an inherited wanderlust from my father. Simple joy can be found in wanderings near and far and by never seeing the same thing in the same way twice. It is remarkable to see how photography can translate that for others.I love to be on the water, in the forest, or meandering through the streets of an old city. There’s much to see and to experience.

A rare bird on wing, a sparkling wave rising and falling, a colossal tree sheltering the world below, the soft worn door handle of an ancient castle door… bliss.

Please stay awhile, peruse my galleries, read a few stories and be sure to leave me a note.

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Tracy Kerr